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Cooling solutions to high-speed motorized spindle and wire cutting machine

I. Precision Water Chiller for High-speed Motorized Spindle  

1. Model Selection
(1) Water temperature: about 25
(2) Water pressure: about 0.2MPa
(3) Heating power calculation of motorized spindle
 P (Heat)= P (Motor)· η

 P (Heat) ———Spindle heating value  (kW)
 P (Motor)———Spindle driving motor power  (kW)
 η———Spindle heat loss efficiency 

When calculating heat loss efficiency, η=30% for a high-speed motorized spindle (general domestic motorized spindle: η=30%; Taiwan motorized spindle: η=25%; motorized spindle in German, Switzerland and Japan: η=20%).

MCW-35C has a cooling capacity of 3.8 kW under water temperature 25 and ambient temperature 30, which is greater than spindle heating power, making it a perfect choice. When water supply pressure stands at 0.2MPa, flow will be 23L/min.

II. Water chiller dedicated for low-speed EDM cutting machines
 1. Model Selection 
(1) Heating power is calculated on the basis of running power 

P (Heat) = η·P Powering on 
P (Heat)———Heating value     (kW)
P (Powering on)———
Running power    (kW)

 η――Heat loss efficiency  
Low-speed EDM cutting machine: η≈20%

(2) Heating power can be calculated based on rate of water temperature rise  P热= CP ·m·ΔT/t
(Heat)———Heating power  (KW)
1 kW =860  kcal/h 

1 kcal/h =1.16x10-3 KW
CP ———Specific heat at constant pressure   (KJ/Kg·℃)
Specific heat at constant pressure (Water)    4.18 KJ/Kg·℃
 m——Total water tank volume  (kg)
 ΔT——Temperature rise per unit time (℃)
 T(t)——Time  (S)

e.g. For a low-speed EDM cutting machine with effective water volume standing at 400kg, water temperature rises from 25 to 29 after working normally for 40 min. You can select a model as follows:

 P(Heat)= 4.18×400×(29-25)/(40×60)=2.79  kW
Cooling capacity of precision water chiller should be 20% greater than the calorific value. MCW-35A or MCW-35B will be a perfect choice.  

2. Schematic Diagram  clip_image002_0005副本.jpg


1. When connecting precision water chiller and the machine tool, you are suggested to install a filter on the water pipeline, as shown in the above figure.

2. Precision water chiller shall be used in a well-ventilated place without dust and corrosive gas. Do not place any sundries around the chiller.

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© Copyright 2021 Sanhe Tongfei Refrigeration Co., Ltd

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