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Sanhe Tongfei Refrigeration Co., Ltd

Sanhe Tongfei Refrigeration Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation "Tongfei shares", stock code: 300990). Focusing on the technological innovation and professional development of industrial temperature control, the company is a leading comprehensive solution service provider of industrial temperature control in China.

The company has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Stuttgart, Germany and an R & D and Design Institute in Beijing. It has won the national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise and Hebei Science and technology leading enterprise. It has Hebei Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hebei Industrial Refrigeration equipment technology innovation center and Hebei Industrial Design Center, and has realized the transformation of a series of provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements.

Tongfei's products cover industrial temperature control solutions in multiple scenarios such as liquid cooling and air cooling, provide professional temperature control products for energy storage systems, intelligent manufacturing equipment, semiconductor equipment, power transmission and transformation, electrical transmission, new energy power generation, hydrogen energy, new energy vehicles and other fields, and constantly broaden the road of industrial development. The company has four categories of products: liquid constant temperature equipment, electric box constant temperature device, pure water cooling unit and special heat exchanger. The market covers all over the country, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. It has become a strategic partner of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Siemens (China), Mitsubishi, GF, sunshine power (300274), Siyuan electric (002028), xinfengguang (688663), Haitian Seiko (601882), newway CNC (688697), etc.

Under the "dual carbon" goal driven, the same flight will rapidly promote the temperature control business in the energy storage and semiconductor industry, do the temperature control business in the high-end and high-end equipment manufacturing, and strengthen the power electronic device temperature control business, and steadily develop the special heat exchanger business. The elite will study and strive tirelessly.

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© Copyright 2021 Sanhe Tongfei Refrigeration Co., Ltd
© Copyright 2021 Sanhe Tongfei Refrigeration Co., Ltd

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